Dragon Ball Super Ending 5, Yoka Yoka Dance, Debuts

Posted on July 2, 2016

Dragon Ball Super Ending 5 made its debut today after episode 50 (Goku vs. Black! The Road Towards the Sealed Future). The song for the ending is titled “Yoka Yoka Dance” (“Easy-Going Dance”) and is by Japanese girl group Batten Shōjo-Tai. As you will see below, it features a host of characters from the world of Dragon Ball.

For the curious, Dragon Ball Super Ending 4 – “Forever Dreaming” by Japanese band Czecho No Republic – made its debut at the end of episode 37.

Dragon Ball Super ending 3 made its debut at the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super episode 26. The title of the ending is “Usubeni” (Light Pink) and is by Japanese band LACCO TOWER.

Dragon Ball Super ending 2, titled “Starring Star” by Japanese group KEYTALK, premiered on October 4 at the ending of Dragon Ball Super episode 13.

Dragon Ball Super Ending 1, which of course made its debut with the series back in July 2015, is titled “Hello Hello Hello” and is by Japanese band Good Morning America.

It’s worth mentioning “Chozetsu ☆ Dynamic!” continues on as the opening theme for the series.