One Piece: Burning Blood – Paramount War Mode, Jozu Confirmed Playable

Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed a new addition to the roster of playable characters in the latest One Piece game, “Diamond” Jozu! He has been playable on handheld games and as a support in past One Piece games, but One Piece: Burning Blood will be his debut as a playable character in a console game.

In the anime/manga, Jozu appeared with the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates in order to save Portgas D. Ace during the Marineford arc. In One Piece: Burning Blood, players will be able to experience the battles and cutscenes of the Marineford arc as part of a mode called Paramount War. Additional information is expected to be revealed about this mode in the coming weeks and Anime Games Online hopes to keep you updated with the latest.

Including Jozu, 31 playable characters have been confirmed thus far in One Piece: Burning Blood. Previously confirmed characters are Knight of the Sea Jinbe, Edward Newgate (Whitebeard), Marco the Phoenix, Marine Admiral Akainu, Boa Hancock, Nami, Nico Robin, Perona, Monkey D. Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy (pre-timeskip), Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Donquixote Doflamingo, Crocodile, Enel, Trafalgar Law, Bartolomeo, Smoker, Franky, X Drake, Roronoa Zoro, Kuzan, Brook, Eustass Kid, Sanji, Fujitora/Issho, Usopp, and Tony Tony Chopper.

Take a look at screenshots of Jinbe, Whitebeard, Marco, Akainu, Luffy (pre-timeskip), and Jozu below.


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One Piece: Burning Blood is a fighting game in development by Spike Chunsoft that will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment on April 21, 2016 in Japan and in June 2016 for Europe and North America. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC/Steam, and Xbox One.