Naruto Storm 4: Shikamaru’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack DLC

A new scan for Naruto Storm 4 has been released! It focuses on the new 3-Hour DLC scenario, Shikamaru’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack, which will be part of DLC Pack 1 and expected to be released later this month. It shows three different screenshots from the scenario and, from the looks of it, will be part of Adventure Mode.

The scenario is based on the official book released focused on Shikamaru that took place two years after the Fourth Shinobi War and around the same time frame as in The Last: Naruto the Movie.


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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the final game in the Storm series. It will feature the most realistic graphics ever seen in the Storm series with 1080p resolution. The game was developed by CyberConnect2 and will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan on February 4, 2016, in Europe on February 5, 2016, and North America on February 9, 2016 for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC/Steam.