Dragon Ball Z x Ford Commercial – The Ultimate Wish is Granted

Posted on December 22, 2015

From amusement parks and sports leagues to convenience stores and fast food restaurants, in Japan, companies often use anime/manga franchises to promote their own products as well as the anime/manga. In the West, popular Hollywood movie franchises such as Spider-Man and Batman are seen filling these roles for American companies. However, it’s rare to see a promotional tie-in that features an anime franchise and an American company.

Dragon Ball Z x Ford is one one those rare tie-ins as “The Ultimate Wish is Granted”! American automobile company recently used the power of the Dragon Balls in a commercial to promote their 2016 Ford Focus. In the commercial, Gohan and Krillin summon Porunga, the wish-granting Eternal Dragon on Planet Namek. They ask for a car with an audio system from Sony to listen to their favorite tunes, a second car with a rear-view camera, and a third one with an estimated 42 miles per gallon. An annoyed Porunga tells them the 2016 Ford Focus has all of these things and will give them that one car instead of three cars. Take a look at the commercial below!