Boruto: Naruto the Movie Takes Top Spot in Franchise

Posted on August 10, 2015

The Naruto series just keeps growing as the latest film in the epic series, Boruto: Naruto the Movie, had a record start! Playing across 268 screens, the movie was seen by 515,146 people and earned a total of 680,134,700 yen (around US 5.46 million USD) in its opening weekend at Japanese theaters. Boruto: Naruto the Movie opened on Friday, August 7 and grossed 270,488,500 yen (around $2.17 million USD) in its first night and had earned a cumulative total of 409,646,200 yen (around $3.29 million USD) by its second day.

With this success, Boruto takes the top spot in the franchise, surpassing last year’s The Last: Naruto the Movie, which opened on December 6, 2014. The Last: Naruto the Movie was the previous record holder. It was seen by 396,280 people and shown across 266 screens in Japan, earning 515,331,800 million yen (around $4.35 million USD).

Below is a recent trailer for the movie.

Source: AnimeAnime, MovieCollection

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Boruto: Naruto the Movie hits theater in Japan on August 7, 2015. Madman Entertainment has announced the movie will also make its way to Australia later this year while Viz Media plans to bring the movie to North America on October 10.