Dragon Ball Super: Plot Revealed

Posted on July 1, 2015

In Tokyo, Japan a Dragon Ball Super Complete Showcase Event was held on July 1 promote the July 5 debut of Dragon Ball Super! On hand were Masako Nozawa (Japanese voice of Goku), Good Morning America (rock band behind Dragon Ball Super ending song, Hello Hello Hello), and Kazuya Fujii through a prerecorded message (the artist behind the Dragon Ball Super opening Chozetsu ☆ Dynamic). Creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, was not at the event in person, but he did share a message that revealed the plot of the series!

As reported in our previous post, Toriyama-sensei revealed episode 1 of Dragon Ball Super will take place six months after the fight with Majin Buu (which would make it 3.5 years before Battle of Gods).

His message continued to reveal the following:

“Dragon Ball Super” is a complete continuation of the Majin Buu story arc. It’s got a bit of post-battle aftermath, continues with the “Battle of Gods” arc where the God of Destruction Beerus appears and the “Revival of ‘F’” arc where Freeza comes back to life, and then, I’ve written a strange new story where they finally depart from this universe. They’re fighting against their neighbors, Universe 6! They’ll yell at me if I give away too many spoilers, so I’ll keep the rest a secret, but they’re chasing after giant Super Dragon Balls; I think things will unfold in a bright and simple way, that will be really fun and exciting!

Since it’s another universe, loads of new characters will turn up. I’ll do my best to draw the tons of character designs necessary, so I’m looking forward to this too.

You know, it suddenly occurs to me that somewhere along the line the Dragon Ball anime has become quite a huge story. Since I’m the guy who drew the thing, it’s a bit weird for me to say this, but when I first started out I never dreamed it would have a universe as a setting (laughs). Don’t worry though, it’s still going to be the same sort of easy-to-understand content as always. Please be sure to watch Dragon Ball Super on TV!

Below is an image from the ending theme that was teased by Toei Animation a few days ago:

Source: Kanzenshuu