Dragon Ball Super: Mystery Character Name, Toei Lists Episode Count

Posted on June 19, 2015

Japanese websites such as Livedoor News have today revealed the name of one of the mystery characters in Dragon Ball Super – Shanpa! This is the purple cat-like creature who seems to be a larger version of Beerus. In the new promotional image, Shanpa is seen to be wearing red/pink wherever Beerus has blue on.

The name Shanpa, when spoken, sounds much like Champa or Shumpa and fans have been referring to the new character as Champ as well. It is presumed the name is a pun off of the word champagne. Like Beerus, who is referred to as Birusu in Japanese and once as Bills by fans before the name Beerus was coined to be the official Americanized name, it’s possible Shanpa may be changed to something else when Dragon Ball Super makes its way West.

Additionally, Toei Animation has listed Dragon Ball Super to be a 100 episode long action/adventure and comedic anime with the following description:

After meeting with the God of Destruction Beerus, awakened from a very long sleep, and after the Resurrection of Frieza, a more mysterious character comes to disturb the peace on Earth in this new Dragon Ball series

Dragon Ball Super begins airing in Japan on July 5, with the story setting to start slightly before Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The story will transition into what the description says later, although it is unclear how many episodes that will take to transpire. No information has been released on an English version of Dragon Ball Super, dubbed or subtitled at this time, but if any news surfaces, we hope to let you know right here on Anime Games Online!

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