Dragon Ball Super Logo, Ending Credits Storyboard Preview

Posted on June 7, 2015

Dragon Ball Super is less than a month away from its July 5th debut in Japan and two interesting images have been made their way to the web ahead of its release! The first is the Dragon Ball Super logo, which was shown earlier today at the end of episode 156 of Dragon Ball Kai in Japan. The words “Dragon Ball” are in the traditional font recognized worldwide with the word “Super” (“Cho”) is written to the right of it in English and Japanese.

The second image is a storyboard preview of the credits, when the ending theme plays. From what we understand, it seems as if an image of adult Goku will slide to the right and adult Gohan will slide to the left. We want to say the third image is of an older Goten, however, we aren’t sure, it could be Goku. Kid Goku is also shown to the right of them, it looks like a manga panel of him will slide somehow too, but we’re just guessing on that.

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Dragon Ball Super airs in Japan on Sunday, July 5 on Fuji TV. FUNimation, the company behind Dragon Ball in North America, has not yet announced any information about an English version of Dragon Ball Super, dubbed or subtitled. If things go as we hope them to, there should be an official version of Dragon Ball Super on the web as soon as they air in Japan.