Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F: Goku and Vegeta’s New Transformation? 93 Minute Run Time

Posted on March 29, 2015

Fans are excited for the up-coming release of the 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F (Fukkatsu no “F” in Japanese)! Japanese website Natalie has revealed the movie will be 93 minutes, which is 8 minutes longer than the theatrical release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. When Battle of Gods was released onto Blu-ray and DVD, it had 20 minutes of extra movie footage which made the total run time to 105 minutes. While no information has been mentioned for Resurrection F’s home release at this point in time, what has been teased is a transformation for the two full-blooded Saiyan warriors, Goku and Vegeta. Well, a transformation for Goku has been teased through a promo by Bandai for the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.

As you saw, right when we are about to see Goku’s face, the video ends and we’ll have to wait to see once the movie is released on April 18 in Japan! Well, it will probably leak before then, especially since private screenings for the movie have begun in the Land of the Rising Sun as of today. What could the transformation look like? Well, if the image that has been floating around the web below is any indication, it might be blue hair! We have to ask you to take this with a grain of salt, however, which is why we have a question mark in the title. The hair color could have easily been changed from yellow or black to blue in Photoshop. Additionally, the figures might be for Dragon Ball Heroes, which sometimes makes up characters and forms for the game (for example Super Saiyan 4 Broly, who is also seen in the image). Once we know what Goku and Vegeta’s new transformations are, that is if there is any, we hope to let you know right here on Anime Games Online!

UPDATE: Goku and Vegeta’s new transformation will indeed change their hair blue. This is how Super Saiyan God form looks like after transforming from the Super Saiyan state. In otherwords, Goku and Vegeta were Super Saiyans first and then went Super Saiyan God, which is why their hair color is blue. Had they transformed from their normal state, then their hair would be red.

Thanks Valter Melo!


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Dragon Ball Z: RESURRECTION ‘F’ (Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no “F” in Japanese) is the nineteenth featured film in the legendary Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama will be writing the story for the movie as if it were a continuation of the original manga series and previous movie, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. All is well on Planet Earth until one day survivors of Frieza’s army, Sorbet and Tagoma, attack. Their goal, achieved: bring back Frieza from the dead with the power of the Dragon Balls! With the worst wish in history granted, Frieza is plotting his revenge against Saiyans. Armed with a mysterious and unrevealed transformation, what kind of surprise power does he have in-store? We’ll have to find out beginning on the theatrical Japanese release date of April 18, 2015 and American premiere of April 11, 2015, with additional showings beginning in the Summer.