Sasuke on the Back Cover of Uzumaki Naruto Art Book

Posted on February 2, 2015
Tags: Art, Naruto

On February 4th, fans in Japan will be able to purchase the Uzumaki Naruto Illustration Collection. This is a 114-page art book with visual creations by Naruto series creator, Masashi Kishimoto. As we saw last week, the front cover features our hero in his part 1, Shippuden, and chapter 700 forms. Today, the back cover has been revealed and it shows Naruto’s rival in those same states! While Part 1 and Shippuden Naruto are powering up a Rasengan, Part 1 and Shippuden Sasuke are teaming up to launch a Chidori from their hands!

No word on when the art book will be available in any other country, although we do anticipate it will make its way to North America at some point in the future.