Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F”: Character Art and Profiles

Posted on February 24, 2015

The official website for the 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie, Revival of “F” has published profiles and character art for over a dozen characters. There is a handful of interesting information in these profiles, including Goku and Vegeta training under Whis, as shown in a scan from the other day here on Anime Games Online. While we can expect the latest movie to be released sometime in the future worldwide, at this time it is only confirmed for a Japanese premiere date of April 18, 2015. As such, the website is in Japanese, but the good people over at Kanzenshuu have provided English translations, take a look below!

The first name listed is the character, followed by their Japanese voice actor in parenthesis.

SON GOKU (Masako Nozawa)
A Saiyan raised on Earth, who has protected Earth from numerous mighty foes. He likes fighting against strong opponents, and the stronger the opponent, the more excited he gets. After the battle with God of Destruction Beerus, he is now training under Whis in search of even greater strength.

VEGETA (Ryō Horikawa)
This prideful prince of the Saiyans. He was once a cruel warrior of evil, but through his fights with Goku & co., he has come to have a proper heart. He burns with an unyielding desire to best Goku in battle, and now is continuing his training.

SON GOHAN (Masako Nozawa)
Goku’s son, an Earthling/Saiyan hybrid. He has a quiet personality, and his dream has been to become a scholar since he was a small child, but when it comes time to fight, he wields a power even greater than that of pure Saiyans. This time, he can’t find his dōgi, so he joins the fray in his gym clothes.

PICCOLO (Toshio Furukawa)
A Namekian warrior. He was once a Great Demon King, the evil half of Earth’s God. He is also Gohan’s master, who raised him as a warrior. Together with Gohan, he perceives Freeza’s ki right away, and engages Freeza & co. in battle.

KRILLIN (Mayumi Tanaka)
The strongest Earthling warrior, who became a pupil of Kame-Sen’nin’s with Goku, and who has fought together with him in numerous life-or-death battles. Now he patrols the town as a police officer.

TENSHINHAN (Hikaru Midorikawa)
A martial artist formerly of the Crane School, who had aspired to become the world’s best hitman, but had a change of heart after meeting Goku & co. He had continued on a journey of training apart from Goku and the others, but perceiving Freeza’s massively powerful ki, he rushes to the scene.

MASTER ROSHI (Masaharu Satō)
A legendary martial artist who was once famous as the Muten Rōshi, and also Goku’s master. Now, he lives a quiet life at Kame House. Having stayed out of the battles for a while, this time he makes his long-awaited return and joins the fight.

BULMA (Hiromi Tsuru)
The very first of Goku’s friends, who he first met in the mountains. She is the scion of Capsule Corporation, and a genius with machines, such as developing the Dragon Radar. She catches wind of Freeza’s revival from a certain character.

VIDEL (Yūko Minaguchi)
The daughter of world champion fighter Mister Satan. She met Gohan in high school, and married him after the fight with Majin Buu. Now she is the mother of a child.

No. 18 (Miki Itō)
An Artificial Human remodeled by the genius scientist Doctor Gero with the goal of killing Goku. After the fight with Cell, she married Kuririn, and lives together with her daughter Marron at Kame House. She shaves the head of Kuririn, who is serious about his first fight in a long time.

BEERUS (Kōichi Yamadera)
The god who governs destruction, keeping the balance of the cosmos. If he should lose his temper, he will destroy the worlds and lives around him. The mightiest being, who not even Goku could beat as a Super Saiyan God. After the fight with Goku, he fell back into a long slumber, but…?

WHIS (Masakazu Morita)
A man of many mysteries, who works in tandem with Beerus. He is also Beerus’ master, the depths of whose power is unknown. After the fight between Goku and Beerus, he trains Goku and Vegeta, who seek even greater strength.

ORACLE FISH (Shōko Nakagawa)
A mysterious fish that gives prophecies. It once prophesized the appearance of a mighty foe to Beerus, which came true through the appearance of Goku as a Super Saiyan God. Has a careless personality, and will forget even its own prophecies.

PILAF, SHUU, MAI (Shigeru Chiba, Tesshō Genda, Eiko Yamada)
Minor villains who plot world domination with the Dragon Balls, but are always stopped by Goku & co. Never learning their lesson, they sought out the Dragon Balls, but they ended up getting used by Freeza’s forces…?

FREEZA (Ryūsei Nakao)
Once an evil emperor in space with no limit to his aggression, and the one behind the destruction of the Saiyan’s planet. He is a shape-shifting alien who possesses four forms, powering up each time he transforms. On Planet Namek, he has a life-and-death battle against Goku & co., but he loses against the Super Saiyan Goku. After that, he turns his body into a cyborg and comes to Earth, but is killed by the Trunks from the future. This time, the survivors of Freeza’s forces succeed in bringing him back from Hell, but just what is the extent of his power, which has made a further evolution…?

SORBET (Shirō Saitō)
Rose to the top of Freeza’s army following Freeza’s death. Although his body is small, he is quite cunning. To resurrect Freeza’s army, he plots to revive Freeza with Earth’s Dragon Balls.

TAGOMA (Kazuya Nakai)
Sorbet’s bodyguard. Along with Sorbet, he comes to Earth in search of the Dragon Balls.

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Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie: Revival of “F” is the nineteenth featured film in the legendary Dragon Ball series. All is well on Planet Earth until one day survivors of Frieza’s army, Sorbet and Tagoma, attack. Their goal, achieved: bring back Frieza from the dead with the power of the Dragon Balls! With the worst wish in history granted, Frieza is plotting his revenge against Saiyans. Armed with a mysterious and unrevealed transformation, what kind of surprise power does he have in-store? We’ll have to find out beginning on the Japanese theatrical release date of April 18, 2015. No word on a release in North America or anywhere else in the world at this time.