Dragon Ball Xenoverse Commercial 2, Japanese Release Stays February 5

Commercial number 2 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been released. It’s a very short and brief video that shows Piccolo firing off a Special Beam Canon at Raditz and Goku along with examples of different characters that can be created. Note there are five difference races (Humans, Saiyans, Namekians, Majins, and the Frieza clan) that can be created, but players can alter their characters to look far different than the default, as shown below. The first commercial was shown back in November of 2014.

Additionally, while the Americas have had their release date pushed back to February 24th and Europe/Australasia/Middle East to February 27th, the Japanese release stays at February 5th. Our guess the delay for non-Japanese territories is due to English dubbing or some sort of localization, especially since the recent GameStop demo had Japanese voices. Again, the reason is not confirmed, just our guess.



Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be making it’s way to the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will offer in-game transformations, characters with the most detailed facial expressions ever seen in the Dragon Ball universe and new cel shaded graphics. Players will be able to create their own character and take it into battle to fight against familiar faces from the world of Dragon Ball and the created characters of other players online. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is in development by Dimps (the company behind the Budokai series) and will be published by Bandai Namco Games in Japan on February 5th, North America on February 24th, and Europe on February 27th.