The Studio of a Legend, Workspace of Naruto’s Masashi Kishimoto

Posted on November 10, 2014

15 years and 700 chapters of Naruto, a truly amazing accomplishment only a rare form of person can attain. Take a look at the studio of the legend behind the series that captured the imagination of millions upon millions of fans across the globe! Masashi Kishimoto’s workspace is equipped with a figure of Dragon Ball Z’s Goku, volumes of the finalized versions of his Naruto manga, various types of other Naruto goodies, an iPad, a cat, paper, a variety of pens and markers, and a bunch of items for the artist to potentially draw inspiration from.

The story of Naruto Uzumaki has come to it’s finale, but our beloved Kishimoto-sensei still has work to do! There is more we fans have to look forward to, including his Naruto part 3 mini-series (title not yet announced) which will be debuting in Spring 2015.

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