Naruto Storm Revolution on Sale for $35 (PS3, US)

Still debating on whether to get Naruto Storm Revolution? If the $50 USD price tag was too steep, then there may be a deal for you! Both and have the PS3 version on sale for $35 USD ($34.99 to be exact) to those residing in the US. Best Buy price matches Amazon, so you could grab one from there as well.

We must mention Amazon’s shipment won’t be ready until November 20th, so you may have to wait a bit for them. Walmart has it available right now so you can get it delivered to you as soon as possible. If your local Walmart has the game in-stock, you could also do site to store for pick-up today!

The Xbox 360 version of Naruto Storm Revolution is not on sale as of this writing, it’s still is being sold for $50 USD. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, however, are just a few short weeks away, so you might be able to score then, if not now.