Naruto Shippuden Hinata and Hanabi Special Preview

Posted on November 27, 2014
Tags: Naruto, Videos

Fillers and flashback-filled episodes are here in Naruto Shippuden. Today’s episode was about Naruto and Gaara and next week’s two-episode special is about the Hyuga sisters. Hinata and Hanabi were once very close, but the destiny and hatred of the Hyuga clan has caused a change in their relationship. Take a look at the preview for Naruto Shippuden 389 below, “The Adored Elder Sister.” The preview for episode 390 has not been released, but as a pack, the episodes are titled as “The Hyuga Sisters, An Unchanging Fate.” In case you are curious why this special is airing next week, rather than sometime in the past, the reason is it relates to The Last: Naruto the Movie, where the Hyuga will play a prominent role.