Naruto Part 3 Likely to Only Last a Few Months

Posted on November 19, 2014

By now many of us know in the Spring of 2015, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto will be launching the Naruto Part 3 mini-series (official title not yet announced) that will focus on the next generation. The new manga will run in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, just as his previous Naruto work did. In an interview with Entermix magazine, Kishimoto-sensei reveals he has work left to do in Naruto until next summer, which means Naruto part 3 will likely only last a few months.

No exact date for the beginning or end has been officially announced, but Spring in Japan begins on February 5 and summer ends on August 8, so by that calculation, Naruto part 3 will last for six months at max. Of course, things can change, but sometime in Spring to sometime in Summer is the latest word by Kishimoto-sensei.

Afterwards, he has plans for a new project, which will be a non-Naruto title. Kishimoto-sensei mentions he has various ideas planned and would like fans to stay tuned for them. He notes that he is turning 40, so serializing a weekly manga may be a bit challenging so his next title might have a different circulation schedule.

Before working on his next title, Kishimoto-sensei wants to take care of other important life activities such as his honeymoon and playing with his child. He was married over a decade ago, but has been working non-stop thanks to Naruto. He jokingly says that he, like Naruto and the other characters, had to gradually come to treasure his own family.

Source: ANN