Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Potentially 120 Minutes, Opening April 25

Posted on November 11, 2014

Update: The Movie’s Release Date is April 18. The below report is void.

A webpage from Japanese website CinemaCity reveals the Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie will be 120 minutes or 2 hours long! That’s more than half an hour of additional DBZ excitement compared to the 2013 Japanese release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The opening date in Japanese theaters for Dragon Ball Z 2015, which still does not have an official title, is listed as April 25, 2015. No other new information is mentioned on the webpage.

You will see we said potentially in the title. Toei Animation announced a few months ago in posters and the the 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie trailer that Goku would be engaging in his next battle during Golden Week 2015. Usually that takes place in the last week of April and continues on to the first week of May. We would feel remiss if we didn’t mention the last week of April next year begins on Sunday, April 26, 2015 (or April 27 since Monday is often marked as the beginning in Japan). It might just be a technicality, however, since it does sound a little more slick to say “Golden Week” or “GW2015” than April 25, 2015. Although there isn’t any hard or fast rule, we have noticed anime movies, including Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (March 30, 2013) make their debut in Japanese theaters on a Saturday. Anyways, if we hear a different date officially announced, we hope to let you know right here on Anime Games Online, but for now pencil in April 25, 2015!

Thanks Arno Dorian, Jay Scott for the heads up!