Amazing New Naruto Online Game Trailer

Posted on November 10, 2014
Tags: Naruto, Videos

The new era of Naruto is making it’s way to the world! Masashi Kishimoto’s acclaimed Naruto manga has sold over 200 million copies worldwide, including 130 million in Japan and 70 million in 35 other countries. He will continue the legacy of the series through a Naruto part 3 mini-series debuting in Spring 2015.

Bandai Namco Games, CyberConnect2, and Chinese company Tencent will also usher in the new era, but in a different way – through games! Naruto Online is the name of their joint initiative. We’ve talked about this game before, it’s a China-only browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). What caught our eye is an amazing new trailer showing Naruto and a group of never before seen ninja engaging in battle with Pain!

Just to be clear, even though there is an amazing Naruto Online trailer with Storm-like graphics, that doesn’t confirm a new game for North America or Europe. It’s not even coming to Japan, this is a game for China only. And actually, the in-game graphics are not like Storm at all, they are more like the old school 16-bit games. You can take a look at gameplay footage below, along with other trailers. For those interested, the official website for Naruto Online is

You’re probably wondering if Bandai Namco Games and CyberConnect2 are working on the next real Naruto game, maybe for PS4 and Xbox One. The answer is there has been no official announcement, although we at Anime Games Online are pretty sure it’s in the works, seeing how Naruto Storm Revolution sold more than half a million copies in less than a month. It’s just a matter of when, in our opinion. When the next Naruto console game is announced, we hope to let you know!