Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods English vs Japanese Comparison, Blu-Ray/DVD Now Available

Posted on October 7, 2014

The Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack is now available in North America! This gem contains the theatrical version of the movie along with a special uncut edition in both English and Japanese. Along with the movie comes 33 minutes of special features, including a “Behind the Scenes: Battle of Voice Actors” bonus where the faces of the voice actors are shown along side their characters as they record lines. A preview was released yesterday of Sean Schemmal (Goku) and Jason Douglas (Beerus) going at it as their characters engaged in battle!

Take a look at the official trailer for the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Blu-Ray/DVD by FUNimation.

This second video shows a comparison of various clips from the movie in English vs Japanese. The Japanese version of a scene is shown first, followed by an English one. For those who have not yet seen Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, you will be spoiled by watching this 18 minute comparison by fan Dragon Ball Taizen!