Dragon Ball Xenoverse Network Test Code

Posted on October 3, 2014

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test code, to play what has been popularly referred to as the beta, is now available to redeem! This is for PlayStation 3 owners with a North American or South American PlayStation Network account only. The first 20,000 people who follow the instructions below and redeem the code will be able to participate in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test!

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store
  2. Find the “Redeem Codes” option
  3. Enter in the code: RBCL-CLN4-TPF3
  4. Prepare yourself by downloading/installing the Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test client

Once the client has been downloaded, you’re good to go for today. You will be able to play starting Saturday, October 4 at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET. The test ends on Sunday, October 5 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

Provide Feedback on the Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test:
Players will be able to do so once the Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test is live on Saturday. Until then, it’s likely the forms will lead you to broken links.

North America/South America: To leave your feedback in regards to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse network test, visit bandainamcogames.com/DBXNetworkTest-survey/

Those who were accepted by Sony for the European beta test (which was decided via a lottery), visit the following link to submit your feedback: bandainamcogames.com/DBX-EULA/


Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be making it’s way to the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will offer in-game transformations, characters with the most detailed facial expressions ever seen in the Dragon Ball universe and new cel shaded graphics. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be published by Bandai Namco Games and is in development by DIMPS (the company behind the Budokai series). No specific release date has been announced, but it will make its way to Japan, Europe, and North America early 2015.