Naruto Shippuden 380 Preview, New Opening and Ending Next Week

Posted on September 25, 2014
Tags: Naruto, Videos

On the eve of his parents death and his birthday, Naruto sure has a lot of work to do! Obito Uchiha, the Jinchuriki of the Jubi, now has the power of the Ten Tails under control. He’s gearing up to realize his dream of a world under the Infinite Tsukoymi. It’s up to Naruto, Sasuke, the resurrected Hokage, and the Shinobi Alliance to stop him before his dream becomes a reality. Our hero has an idea and it’ll take the power of Minato and the other half of Kurama to do it! Take a look below at the preview for Naruto Shippuden 380, which airs next Thursday, October 2nd: “The Day Naruto Was Born”.

Speaking of Naruto Shippuden 380, the episode will kick off with a brand new opening, “Silhouette,” by Japanese band KANA-BOON. The episode will conclude with a new ending as well: “Dame Dame da” (It’s Absolutely No Good) by Shiori Tomita. These will be these 16th opening and 31st ending for the series, respectively.

Thanks for the heads up Christoffer!