The Last: Naruto the Movie: Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru Designs Revealed

Posted on August 6, 2014

Sakura Haruno, Sai, and Shikamaru Nara will also be joining our hero, Naruto Uzumaki, in The Last: Naruto the Movie! The news comes from the latest issue of Jump magazine which reveals character designs for the three by Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto!

Each of the three characters has a description provided alongside their sketch. For Sakura it says, “Sakura, who has grown up to have a mature expression! …Sakura’s gently smiling expression makes quite the impression. Her body’s form is also somewhat feminine.

For Shikamaru, the scan reads: “Shikamaru with a tranquil face!… Shikamaru does not appear to have much change to him, but the look on his face looks quite manly!?”

Lastly, for say Sai it mentions “Sai has changes to his clothes, too!? …Sai’s bangs have gotten a bit longer, and his face has a cooler expression. The sleeves on his shirt have gotten a bit longer.”


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The Last: Naruto the Movie will be making it’s debut in Japanese theaters on December 6, 2014. It will feature a Naruto that is a bit taller, will have shorter hair, a more toned body, and more mature look! Naruto’s cretor, Masashi Kishimoto,