One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Coming to PS4, PS3, PS Vita

YORODEMO, Bandai Namco Games, Tecmo Koei, and Omega Force are teaming up once again to bring the next video game installment staring our hero Monkey D. Luffy! One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is coming to the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in 2015. The news comes from the latest scan of Weekly Shonen Jump, which teases stories from Luffy’s past and present. Among the characters that will make an appearance include Trafalgar Law and Fujitora. A preview of the game and the first trailer will be at the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held on September 20-21 in Japan. Expect the trailer to hit the web around that time as well!

No word on a North American or European launch at this time, but seeing as how the previous two games made their way West, we fully expect at the very least an English sub version. We will of course keep you updated with the latest right here on Anime Games Online!