One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review

Gomu Gomu No, New Game! One Piece: Unlimited World Red is Bandai Namco Games latest One Piece adventure. It was originally published in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on November 21, 2013, boasting an original storyline and original characters designed by the creator of One Piece himself, Eiichiro Oda! The game was a must have for Japanese fans, selling well over 200,000 copies in the Land of the Rising Sun. Combined with great sales, Oda-sensei’s genius, and the desire for fans to enjoy Luffy and crew’s latest journey, Bandai Namco and developer Ganbarion went back to work to upscale One Piece: Unlimited World Red and bring it worldwide! The game is (or will soon be) available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo WiiU in addition to the Nintendo 3DS.

The game’s original story revolves around Red, a pirate who escapes the highest level of the world government’s maximum-security prison, Impel Down! He creates trouble for our heroes by recreating villains of the past using the power of his magical raccoon pen. Sounds kind of well, odd, but there is more to the story and as fans of One Piece ourselves, we thought it was integrated well the One Piece atmosphere! You can actually read the entire plot here.

The multiplatform version of the game brings a new Colosseum Mode not in the original 3DS game that uses concepts from the currently-airing One Piece anime’s Dressrosa arc. Players can select from one of playable 20 characters to fight against big bosses such as Donquixote Doflamingo and Fujitora or 50 to 150 lesser opponents at the same time!

So let’s get into it! Anime Games Online had the chance to play the PS3 version of the game and here is our One Piece: Unlimited World Red review in a quick list format of what we love and dislike.

What We Love:

  • The original story
    The story is interesting and engaging, fitting the theme of the One Piece series by focusing on dreams and comradery. Felt like enjoying an interactive version of the anime!
  • Colorful graphics
    Along with the story, the visuals look like they were inline anime. The art style is nice, bright, and colorful.
  • Co-op gameplay
    Exploring the lands in One Piece with a friend makes the experience quite enjoyable. The split screen keeps focus on each player and allows them to roam the giant stages freely
  • Easy to learn controls and combo display
    The controls to execute attacks are very easy to learn. During gameplay, a list of combo attacks are shown, prompting us whenever we executed one. It felt rewarding to execute them all even after hours of play!
  • Simple gameplay
    The gameplay is similar to One Piece: Pirate Warriors in that it’s fighting against many enemies at the same time. There are objectives that can be fulfilled on the side by item collection, but for the most part you’ll collect all the items you need to progress without thinking much about it. This is the game to play after a long, hard day as you can kick back and aimlessly beat up hordes of bad guys!
  • Zoro’s transformation
    Zoro has a special attack where he puts on his bandana and his skills are (or at least they feel) heightened. Very gratifying experience to land attacks on enemies in the form. It’s a time-limited transformation as energy is quickly depleted. What’s awesome, however, is you can technically stay in that form for the duration of a battle if enemies are defeated quickly and flawlessly as energy sphere power-ups appear in the place of defeated enemies. This also allows Zoro the ability to do another special attack on top of this special. You can see a bit of this in the video below

What We Dislike:

  • No Gear 2nd transformation for Luffy
    Zoro’s character was so created so well, it was disappointing not to see the main character get the same treatment. There is no gratifying transformation where Luffy has a limited time to kick but at a time-limited heightened state, like in the anime. Instead Luffy performs Gear 2nd attacks automatically as part of his attacks.
  • Lack of vs and online multiplayer in Colosseum Mode
    While there is local co-op gameplay, there is no online to play with friends around the world. What’s worse is the only battles are against the CPU only, there is no 2-player vs gameplay.
  • Split-screen layout
    Co-op gameplay is a big plus, but the way the split-screen is laid out is terrible. There is a lot of wasted real estate that could have been utilized. There are two rectangular boxes with generic art surrounding the screen. If it wasn’t possible to expand the visuals across the width of the screen, at the very least we thought the health, energy, and combo displays could have been moved there to free up the gameplay space.
  • Lack of playable characters
    The world of One Piece is full of so many different characters, yet in story mode only the 9 Straw Hats are playable. There are special side missions where other characters can be played as, such as Hancock or Ace, but in the main story mode, it’s just the Straw Hats. . In Colosseum Mode, there are 20 playable characters, but many noteable ones are missing including Dracule Mihawk, Kuzan, and Borsalino. They are bosses in the game, but not playable.


Between the main story mode and Colosseum Mode, it’ll take 7-8 hours max to beat the game if you watch all the cutscenes. That doesn’t count doing all the side missions and collecting all the items, but it isn’t necessary to progress through the game, it’s just for those perfectionists. Overall, One Piece: Unlimited World Red is a very enjoyable game to play. It’s far from perfect, but if you love to kick back and beat countless enemies at the same time, love to play co-op games, or love One Piece, then Unlimited World Red is the game for you!