Naruto Storm Revolution: Network Clone, All Ninja Info Card Images (Rumor)

Naruto Storm Revolution is expected to have an interesting new feature called “Network Clone” as part of the game’s online mode. From our understanding, this is a CPU-controlled version of you that goes out for “training” by battling other players and their clones. After a certain amount of time, the clone will earn you items to equip to your character. An example of an item in the video below is of Naruto earning the ability to have Raikage’s hat in place of a substitution jutsu (rather than the standard log). Players can customize their clone, including giving it power-ups for the potential chance to earn even more items. This information is from data within the demo of the game and may change once the final version of the Naruto Storm Revolution is released, so Anime Games Online asks you to take this as rumor for now!

Also revealed are the images from the ninja info cards. These are the pictures players use to represent themselves when going into battle online. We counted over a 1000 that can be selected, take a look at them all in the video below. Again, these may differ in the final build of Naruto Storm Revolution.

Credit to SergioM3

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is the latest game in Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2’s acclaimed Naruto Storm series. It will be for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game will contain stories never before seen in the Naruto anime/manga, including the Creation of Akatsuki, Shisui’s back-story, and Kushina’s interaction with Minato’s and his team. In addition, there will be new combination team jutsus, over 100 playable characters, and 50 minutes of exclusive anime footage. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will be released worldwide in September 2014.