Important Naruto Announcement July 28th, Related to Naruto Movie 10?

Posted on July 18, 2014

Major Naruto manga spoilers ahead

An announcement about an announcement? You betcha! Shuiesha, the publisher for the Naruto manga, will be releasing the 35th volume of it’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine officially on July 28, 2014. According to the 34th issue, it will contain an “ultra-important” Naruto announcement. It’s uncertain at this point on what it will be, but there’s a good possibility it has to do with Naruto Movie 10, whose website coincidentally (or not coincidentally, actually) is scheduled to launch at on the same day. A screenshot of it is shown below with a countdown and a spiral, similar (but not exactly the same) as the Uzumaki symbol. There have been rumors flying around the announcement could be related to Naruto ending, but at this time there are literally no other details about the announcement or the movie, which was originally announced in December 2012 for a 2014 release.

In November 2013, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, announced through a Japanese television show the story is at it’s final phase. We at Anime Games Online, like many of you, thought Madara would be the final boss, but surprise, he wasn’t – manga extended! Instead, Madara was taken out by the mother of the Sage of Six Paths, Kaguya Otsutsuki, and Naruto and Sasuke are in an multidimensional battle with the most powerful foe ever seen in the series. What else can happen now? This year has a maximum of 23 more chapters of Naruto manga left, which are the amount of weeks we have left in 2014, not including next week. Madara might just make a comeback, but it’s hard to see something more surface aside from the battle with Kaguya (and maybe a Naruto vs Sasuke fight). Then again as we’ve seen multiple unexpected twists and a back story for every back story! We’re certainly excited to see what the future holds for this story about a boy named Naruto and Anime Games Online hopes to have the latest for you when it becomes available!

Thanks Namikaze Minato via ANN