Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods EXCLUSIVE Interview with Goku/Vegeta/Dende

Posted on July 14, 2014

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods EXCLUSIVE Interview with Goku/Vegeta/Dende

Anime Games Online, the thirst is real that you never want to leave it and it’s so cool! Those are the wise words of our hero, Son Goku! Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is making it’s way to theaters this August 5, 6, 7, and 9 across North America. FUNimation held a red carpet premiere last week, showing off the movie on the big screen in Los Angeles, CA (USA) where Sean Schemmel (Goku/King Kai), Chris Sabat (Vegeta/Piccolo), and Justin Cook (producer/Dende) were at the event. The day before the festivities, Anime Games Online had the opportunity to talk to the three aforementioned stars in an exciting and exclusive interview!

We ask about the movie coming over to North America, the decision behind the name Beerus (the main antagonist), and some of the scenes from the movie. Our level of geekiness was over 9000 as we came up with over 50 questions, but drilled down to just a few we thought could be answered (so no Xenoverse questions) and would be interesting.

Schemmel, Sabat, and Cook drop some knowledge and great humor and refer to a few people you may or may not know of. They are:

Gen Fukunaga – founder and president of FUNimation, the company behind Dragon Ball Z in North America
Brina Palencia – voice actress for Puar and Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Gilbert Gottfried – has nothing to do with Dragon Ball Z, but is a well-known standup comedian and actor

Thanks so much to Scott Barretto and Scott Lonski for organizing and conducting the interview and to Chris Sabat, Justin Cook, and Sean Schemmel for an entertaining show!

Check out Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods next month and head on over to www.dragonballz.com/tickets/ to see if the Z Warriors’ latest battle is coming to a theater near you!