Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie: Tagline Revealed, Promo Image

Posted on July 18, 2014

Toei Animation, the company behind Dragon Ball Z in Japan, has acquired the website dragonball2015.com. At the moment when you visit the website, there is nothing more than a “coming soon” written in standard black text. However, some hidden data on the website reveals a promotional image (which is similar to what was revealed before) and the tagline of “The Whole Universe Has Been Waiting. A Godly Dimension of Battle Begins”.

Being the 19th movie in the series, the Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie is a sequel to the 18th movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. However, at this time it’s unclear if the movie will be a direct sequel to the movie in terms of story. At a first glance one may think this is a direct sequel based on the tagline, but that isn’t necessarily true as there could be some word trickery in play here. The word “godly” which is signified by the word “shin” in Japanese could also refer to something “new”. The word “dimension” is “jigen” in Japanese, but it could also refer to the word “scale” or “level”. So another way to interpret the Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie tagline is “The Whole Universe Has Been Waiting. A New Level of Battle Begins.”

A name for the movie has not yet been revealed and we don’t expect one to be revealed until November, at least if history is any indication. For the last DBZ movie, the title “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” was revealed in November of 2012, four months after we learned about it in July of 2012.

As with the previous Dragon Ball Z movie, the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, will be bringing his genius back once again with an original concept, screenplay and character designs. The Dragon Ball Z 2015 movie is scheduled for release released during Japan’s Golden Week (GW), which takes place during the end of April and beginning of May. We hope to keep you up-to-date with the latest as it’s revealed right here on Anime Games Online!

Source: Kanzenshuu