Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Extended Teaser (English Sub and HD)

Posted on July 24, 2014

The official website for the Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie has received an update with an extended teaser video in HD! Most of it is the same as what we saw earlier in the week, but now Shenron can be heard clearly, telling whoever summoned him to speak their wish as he will make a single wish come true.

Then the words “There’s someone I want you to revive” appear on-screen in Japanese, followed by “Dragon Ball Z” and Goku powering up while he is a Super Saiyan. The video ends with “The worst wish in history. Now, despair begins” and “GW 2015” (which stands for Golden Week 2015, the release date for the movie in Japan).

Here is an English sub version of the trailer.
It’s worth noting the subs are not officially done and, as far as we know, the movie will not have English subs when released in Japan.

Here is the original Japanese version

Thanks Kanzenshuu, ANN

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The Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie is the 19th and latest movie in the legendary Dragon Ball Z series. It will be released April/May 2015, during the Japanese Golden Week (GW) holiday. The creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, will be designing an original concept, screenplay and character designs for the 2015 Dragon Ball Movie “that the entire universe eagerly awaits!!” This movie is only confirmed for Japan at this time and here is no word on an English dub. Of course, as new information is released we hope to provide you more information right here on Anime Games Online!