Dragon Ball Xenoverse Interview


The 2014 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) is took place last week and fans worldwide were able to enjoy the first Dragon Ball: Xenoverse trailer and first Dragon Ball: Xenoverse gameplay. Now a Dragon Ball Xenoverse interview from the event has been released with Masayuki Hirano, producer at Bandai Namco Games, thanks to Videogames Brasil! The interview talks about the game being focused on the Dragon Ball world with the mysterious red-haired character playing a big role. There will be less cutscenes and more unique combos to make an interesting battle system. In other words, this will be a Dragon Ball fighter, but done in a new way. Details are scarce at the moment as the game is in the early stages of development, but as new information is revealed, we hope to have it for you right here on Anime Games Online!

Note: The interview audio is in English. Start watching from 0:25.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be making it’s way to the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will offer in-game transformations, characters with the most detailed facial expressions ever seen in the Dragon Ball universe and new cel shaded graphics. A mysterious red haired character with a Capsule Corp jacket will some how be involved in this game. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be published by Bandai Namco Games and is in development by DIMPS (the company behind the Budokai series). No release date has been announced at this point in time, but we hope to keep you up-to-date with the latest right here on Anime Games Online!