One Piece: Unlimited World Red July 2014 North America Release, Admiral Fujitora Confirmed

One Piece: Unlimited World Red has been confirmed for a July 2014 release date in North America, with the news comes straight from Bandai Namco Games official website. The game will be available as a digital download only for the Nintendo Wii U. The PlayStation Vita version will also be a digital download, but GameStop/EBGames will exclusively have the physical version at a price of $39.99 USD. The PlayStation 3 (price $49.99 USD) and Nintendo 3DS (price $29.99 USD) versions will be available as physical items across North America.

Over in Japan, Europe, and across Australasia, copies of the game for all four platforms will have a physical release. The Japanese release date is June 12, 2014. The European/Australasian release date hasn’t been officially announced, but Anime Games Online expects it to be around the June-July time frame as well.

In related news, Admiral Fujitora makes his way to One Piece: Unlimited World Red as a boss that must be defeated! He is equipped with a shikomizue (a sword blade placed in a cane-like mounting), along with the power to crush opponents with meteorites and sink them into the ground with gravity! In Japan, first run copies of the game will come with a code to download Luffy’s One Piece: Strong World outfit along with a mission at Marineford.


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