Naruto Storm Revolution: Possible 118 Roster? Prediction of Characters Who Will Be In

Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2 have officially mentioned there will be over 100 playable characters in Naruto Storm Revolution. What is “over 100”? Well, it’s possible the game will have a 118 character roster! The number is derived from some hidden text on the official website for Naruto Storm Revolution. You would have to view the source to find it, but we’ll put the Japanese text here for your convenience.

The text says the game will have a record high number of characters, with the inclusion of characters from prior games and those who are much anticipated. Between support and playable characters, there will be a total of 118, all designed by the creator of Naruto himself, Masashi Kishimoto.

〈革命[レボリューション]其の壱〉参戦キャラクター続々!登場数は過去最多!!原作最新登場はもちろん、ファン待望のキャラクターも追加! プレイアブルとサポート、あわせて118名の忍たちが熱い戦いを繰り広げる!岸本先生デザインのキャラクターたちも!!

Since 118 has not been officially announced, we’d like to classify this as a RUMOR on Anime Games Online. Yes, it’s on the official website, but it’s hidden in the website’s code, so for all we know it could be a typo! But let’s assume it isn’t, let’s assume it’s true for arguments sake.

First, let’s establish the facts. As far as we know, 1 character is equivalent to 1 slot on the character selection screen. The final count for Naruto Storm 3 (including Sage Kabuto from Full Burst) was 81 playable and 7 support for a total of 88 characters.

Assuming 118 is the final count, and going by the logic we just mentioned, there are still 30 characters who can be announced (118 – 88 from Storm 3). We know 6 of them already.

  1. Second Tsuchikage
  2. Second Mizukage
  3. Third Raikage
  4. Fourth Kazekage
  5. Shisui Uchiha
  6. Mecha Naruto

That brings us down to 24 more characters. We’ll assume the Naruto Generations pre-timeskip characters will make a return, along with the rest of the non-playable characters in Storm 3 being converted to playable or support. That would leave us with 0 completely new characters, since the 24 below have been in Generations or Storm 3 in some shape or form. Again, the below are Anime Games Online’s prediction of characters who could be added in Naruto Storm Revolution.

    Playable Characters from Naruto Storm Generations

  1. Pre-timeskip Tenten
  2. Pre-timeskip Kiba
  3. Pre-timeskip Shino
  4. Pre-timeskip Choji
  5. Pre-timeskip Ino
  6. Pre-timeskip Shikamaru
  7. Pre-timeskip Temari
  8. Pre-timeskip Kankuro
  9. Support-Only Characters from Naruto Storm Generations

  10. Anko
  11. Shizune
  12. Kurenai
  13. Tayuya
  14. Kidomaru
  15. Sakon
  16. Jirobo
  17. Non-Playable Characters from Naruto Storm 3

  18. Fuguki Suikazan
  19. Ameyuri Ringo
  20. Jinpachi Munashi
  21. Mangetsu Hozuki
  22. Jinin Akebino
  23. Kushimaru Kuriarare
  24. Ginkaku
  25. Kinkaku
  26. Zetsu

To be honest, that’s one case scenario. For our prediction, we assumed any new forms will occupy the same character slot. However, it’s likely Kurama Mode Naruto and other, new manga-exclusive forms of characters we already know of will occupy additional slots. That would ultimately mean characters from the list above may not make it and characters we didn’t mention might.

There is something else we must clarify. The hidden code says 118 playable AND support which makes it seem like there will be support-only characters. For Naruto Storm 3, Namco Bandai Games announced that there will be over 80 playable characters. Again, the final count ended up being 81. For Naruto Storm Revolution, Namco Bandai has announced there will be “over 100”. Now how many of the assumed 118 will be support-only? We don’t know at this point in time. We’ve offered enough of our speculation, so we’ll leave the rest to you!

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is the latest game in Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2’s acclaimed Naruto Storm series. It’ll contain team jutsus and over 100 playable characters, and 50 minutes of exclusive anime footage. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is planned for a 2014 release worldwide for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.