Naruto Manga Volume 69 Cover Released

Posted on April 22, 2014
Tags: Art, Naruto

Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead!!

The cover for Naruto Manga Volume 69 has been released and it features Guy, his father Might Dai, and his student Rock Lee! This exciting volume contains 11 chapters, 658 to 668. The battle against Madara continues with the central focus of the volume, as depicted by the cover, is Guy’s life. Naruto manga volume 69 will be released May 2, 2014 in Japan.

As for the North American version of Naruto manga volume 69, well, it’s unclear when it will be release in hard copy format. Amazon currently lists Naruto Manga Volume 66 at July 1, 2014 release. Volume 64 has already been released, with Volume 65 making it’s way to North American retailers on April 1st.