Naruto Shippuden 352 Preview: The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru

Posted on February 20, 2014
Tags: Naruto, Videos

Naruto Shippuden 351 “Hashirama’s Cells” has aired so it’s time to take a look at next episode part of the Naruto Shippuden February 2014 Schedule! The ANBU Kakashi filler arc continues and we’ve seen Minato’s rise to Hokage, incidents with a certain Masked Man, Minato’s death, the shadiness of Danzo, and the appearance of a boy with the power to manipulate wood. All of this takes place as a young Kakashi Hatake is burdened by the nightmares of his comrades death. Next Thursday, February 27th, the story continues with Naruto Shippuden 352: “The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru”! Take a look at the preview below.