J-Stars Victory VS: 1-vs-1, 2-vs-2, 3-vs-1 Matches, Music, Kenshin Stage

The amazing J-Stars Victory VS Trailer 6 was released earlier. Now, Namco Bandai has released some information on free battle mode matches! Fans were curious if J-Stars Victory VS was limited to a max of 2-vs-2 matches only. Well, today Namco Bandai Games has confirmed it’s not just limited to that scope as J-Stars Victory VS will have 1-vs-1, 2-vs-2, and 3-vs-1 matches in Free Battle mode!

On the PlayStation 3 version, it’s been confirmed there is only 2 player split screen, so how will the 3-vs-1 work? If we had to guess here on Anime Games Online, offline the third teammate would be a CPU, while online a human player can join in through the selection screen. That is of course, if the third person being counted isn’t the support character. For PlayStation Vita, it’s one person per system, so friends can join in on the fun as they would in other Vita games. Again, we aren’t sure yet, just guessing!

Namco Bandai also revealed stages aren’t restricted to a particular theme of background music as players can select from a list of tracks. This is likely where the special edition version of the game, the J-Stars Victory VS Anison Sound Edition, becomes most valuable as iconic pieces of music can be set to play in the background.


Lastly, here are a few screenshots of the playable stage Hall of the Flaming Hell from Rurouni Kenshin.


J-Stars Victory VS is a team action fighter by Namco Bandai Games that showcases various characters from the world of Shonen Jump manga. The game was tentatively titled Project Versus J before the name was officially changed to J-Stars Victory VS. Currently, the game is only confirmed for a Japanese release of March 19, 2014 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. No plans have been announced at all for a North American or European release. Please visit the J-Stars Victory VS section for more information on the game.