J-Stars Victory VS – Gaara, Story Mode Exclusive Characters

Posted on January 21, 2014

The good times keep on rolling here on Anime Games Online as another brand new J-Stars Victory VS has been released! This one shows Gaara, Sakura, Kakashi (Naruto Shippuden), Botan, Koenma (YuYu Hakusho), Sunny (Toriko), Zenkichi, and Hansode (Medaka Box) as part of the J-Stars Victory VS story mode. Just to be clear, these characters are not playable and are not support either. At least no confirmation of that at this time. As of now, these characters are story mode exclusive meaning they just appear in the game’s story mode.

Also shown in the scan is Luffy, who can now be obtained as an augmented reality character for those who have the J-Stars Victory VS augmented reality demo application on PS Vita. It’s not anything special, if you take a look at the Goku one, it’s just the character in 3D yelling a few lines and posing in a few stances.

Thanks Andrew Mullen!

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