J-Stars Victory VS – Antagonists and Heroes V-Jump Scans

A high quality version of the previous scan is here! It’s actually multiple scans we’re collectively calling scan 32 on Anime Games Online. They are all from the latest issue of V-Jump magazine and feature a host of information.

The first image shows of scenes from the opening video of J-Stars Victory VS with heroes such as Luffy (One Piece), Goku (Dragon Ball Z) and Naruto (Naruto Shippuden), and Ichigo (Bleach) battling it out amongst others from the confirmed J-Stars Victory VS characters list. The second image features support characters Allen Walker (D.Gray-man) and playable character Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya). The third has the recently revealed antagonists of Madara Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden), Freeza (Dragon Ball Z), Akainu (One Piece), Shishio Makoto (Rurouni Kenshin), Sosuke Aizen (Bleach) and Younger Toguro (Yu Hakusho)! The last image on this page shows both antagonists and heroes duking it out!


Thanks to redon/APForums

J-Stars Victory VS is a team action fighter by Namco Bandai Games that showcases various characters from the world of Shonen Jump manga. The game was tentatively titled Project Versus J before the name was officially changed to J-Stars Victory VS. Currently, the game is only confirmed for a Japanese release of March 19, 2014 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. No plans have been announced at all for a North American or European release. Please visit the J-Stars Victory VS section for more information on the game.