Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – All Super Attacks, Ultimate Attacks

The latest game in the legendary anime/manga series is now available in Japan and Europe, with North America getting in on the 8 player action on January 28th! Anime Games Online has posted a full walkthrough of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, courtesy of YouTube user Throneful. From the beginnings in the Saiyan Saga to the Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, Buu Saga, and all the way up to the movies and miscellaneous missions.

What comes after the walkthrough? Videos of all super attacks and ultimate attacks thanks to YouTube user Anime Games Online. The first video is of the super attacks for all 70 playable characters. That includes the downloadable characters of Sage Mode Goku, Super Saiyan Bardock, and Super Vegito!

The second video is of all the ultimate attacks. Surprisingly, only eight characters have them. We at Anime Games Online looked at the entire character move list, which you can see in the third video, and were able to confirm the limited number of ultimate attacks. Those eight attacks are ginormous and activating them will win you the match. Of course it’s no easy task to execute them. The big challenge is filling the energy meter to the max! That’s in addition to making sure your character is equipped with the ultimate jewel card and hitting the right button combination!