Top 10 Character Upgrades Wishlist for Naruto Storm Revolution

Warning: Major Naruto manga spoilers ahead!!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is the latest game in Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2’s Storm series of Naruto games. Yesterday, we posted a wishlist of 124 characters we’d love to see in Naruto Storm Revolution. These were just the bare boned, base versions of each character. Today, we have created a top 10 character upgrades wishlist! Of course we want all of the different character forms in Naruto Storm 3 to be carried over to this new game. From the war outfits, to the Edo Tensei eyes, to the ANBU and Road to Ninja costumes – we think these all should stay in Naruto Storm Revolution. Even the old jutsus and moves should be carried over. This wishlist focuses on the 10 new forms or upgrades we like to see in addition to what was in Naruto Storm 3!

10. Cursed Seal Level 2 Jugo

Even before the release of Naruto Storm Generations back in 2012, fans have been asking for Cursed Seal Level 2 Jugo. However, his awakening into Cursed Seal Level 1 and to perform Living Wall Fist: Style One as his jutsu has been pretty much copied and pasted into Storm 2’s two sequels. During the Kage Summit Arc in the Naruto Shippuden anime, Jugo displayed Cursed Seal Level 2 and used the Chakra Blast Cannons jutsu against Raikage Ay. In Storm Revolution, we’d like to see players have the option to use this technique and to awaken into either Cursed Seal Level 1 or Cursed Seal Level 2.

Note: “Cursed Seal” is the more popular term for Jugo, but technically it can also be referred to as Sage Mode since Jugo’s ability lies within the absorption of natural energy.

9. Shukaku Gaara

From the very first Naruto Storm game, pre-timeskip Gaara has had an extremely generic awakening – he just glows blue. In Naruto Storm Revolution, we think he should get the awakening he deserves, transformation into Shukaku! Ideally, we would like to see timeskip Gaara with Shukaku as well, but to stay with the canon story at the very least pre-timeskip gaara should have this awakening. We don’t want developer CyberConnect2’s prior efforts to go to waste so we think the generic awakening should still be an option for players to select in addition to a Shukaku awakening.

8. Zetsu-Infused Young Obito

In the Naruto games released thus far we have been able to play as young Obito, but would like to see him in the state where he has fused with Zetsu. We see this form when Obito becomes aware of Rin and Kakashi being in trouble. He gains the power of wood-style in this state and is able to use it similar to how Kimimaro uses his bones – as a projectile, as a sword, and coming out everywhere from his body.

7. Space–Time Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu Tobirama

Tobirama The Second Hokage is so much more than the Naruto Storm series has shown. In all Storm games thus far he only uses water-style techniques. In Naruto Storm Revolution, we’d like to see Tobirama Senju use Space–Time Ninjutsu the same way Minato does along with sword-slashing Kenjutsu. In our opinion here at Saiyan island, he should still retain his trademark water-style, but be able to use it in unison with the abilities he’s shown recently in the manga.

6. Sage Mode Hashirama

Hashirama As a co-founder of the Hidden Leaf Village and the one who bested Madara, we knew the First Hokage was more than just a few wood-style attacks! In Naruto Storm Revolution, we’d like to see him show off his Sage Mode! He has shown two jutsus in the manga in this form – Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands and Sage Art: Gate of the Great God – that would be very fitting to include as a part of his moveset!

5. Kurama Mode Minato

Minato Like father, like son! Before his death, Minato sealed the power of the Nine Tailed Fox within himself. When he was reincarnated, he was able to activate Bijuu Mode and encapsulated himself with a yellow glow, black seals, and an immense power! We at Anime Games Online would like to see Minato awaken into this form, faster than ever with new combos, grabs, and a Tailed Beast Bomb replacing his Rasengan!

4. Ten Tail Jinchuriki Obito

Tobi Tobi, or adult Obito, becomes the host of the Ten Tails and shows a power that took all the Kage, Naruto, Sasuke, and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance to defeat. In this forms, Obito is able to use his normal Uchiha abilities as well as wood-style techniques and a Tailed Beast Ball like no other! There are actually two forms of Ten Tail Jinchuriki Obito, so technically one, if not both, could be an awakening players can select to use.

3. Sage Susanoo Sasuke

Sasuke In order to inflict damage to Ten Tails Obito, Sasuke calls upon the power of Jugo’s curse seal and makes it his own combined with Susanoo! Sporting the same black marks Sasuke had when he was in his Cursed Seal mode, this Susanoo also has legs and fires sage enhanced arrows. This would give a bit of extra variety in Naruto Storm Revolution and really differentiate it from the other froms of Susanoo we’ve seen!

2. Kurama Sage Mode Naruto

NarutoMore Rasengan and more Nine Tails power, that’s the hallmark evolution of our hero, Naruto Uzumaki! Also known as Bijuu Sage Mode, this form appears when the Nine Tails is on Naruto’s side ready to work as a team while Naruto is in Sage Mode! His eyes and face contain both the markings of Sage Mode and Kurama Mode. Just regular Kurama Mode is confirmed already, but we at Anime Games Online want developer CyberConnect2 to leave stones left unturned for this game!

1. Susanoo Kurama

Naruto and Sasuke, the two rivals together again! Naruto Storm Revolution has confirmed team attacks, showing Naruto and Sasuke launch a combined Chidori-Rasengan. We at Anime Games Online would like developer CyberConnect2 to take it up a few notches and include Susanoo Kurama! How would this work? Well, if Naruto and Sasuke are on the same team, we’d like Naruto to go into Kurama Mode, Sasuke to activate Susanoo, and then both to combine their attacks to launch a beast of an attack leveraging the powers of a Susanoo Kurama! We’re confident practically all fans would like to see Naruto and Sasuke at their most powerful! We at Anime Games Online surely want him in, just look at that epicness!

Susanoo Kurama

Just to be clear once more, these are the top 10 character upgrades Anime Games Online would love to see in Naruto Storm Revolution! This is not news, just opinion! Again, we would like all of the forms from Storm 3 to return in addition to the ones we’ve included in this list! Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoyed! What are the top 10 character upgrades you’d like to see in Naruto Storm Revoluton? Feel free to share in the comments section!