Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Goku Edition Trailer (Europe/Australia)

Posted on December 19, 2013

Namco Bandai Games Europe has, today, released the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Goku Edition trailer. This is a limited edition version of the game that was originally announced back in October. It contains the Battle of Z game, along with a downloadable code for Goku in Sage Naruto’s costume, a 25-centimeter figure of Super Saiyan Goku, and an artbook with privileged content from the game’s dev team. The actual game itself is not any different from the normal version, the Goku Edition just comes with a few extra items.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Goku Edition will cost around £79.99 (Euro) and will be available in Europe and Australia the same day the normal version is released in those regions. For Europe, the release date is January 24, 2014. The Australian release date has not been officially announced, although it will likely be around the same date as Europe.

No limited editions have been announced for Japan (January 23) or North America (January 28) at this time.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the latest game in the legendary DBZ series. It will host team-based combat with up to 8 players, including 4 on the same team. The demo is scheduled for release at an unannounced day in December of this year. It will contain the first 4 missions from the single player campaign, online Mode (Co-op and Battle Mode – Normal Battle), and the demo’s data and achievements can be transferred to the full game version when the game will be available for release on on January 23, 2014, Europe on January 24, 2014, and North America on January 28, 2014.