Tobi’s Identity to be Revealed This Year on Naruto Shippuden

Posted on November 30, 2013

Warning: Major Naruto manga spoilers ahead

The Naruto Shippuden December 2013 Schedule has been out for over a week, but additional good news just came in today! Through Japanese television guides, its been confirmed Tobi’s identity will be revealed this year on Naruto Shippuden. For those who read the manga, or even for those don’t, but get wind of the the spoilers one way or another other, we will see in the anime that Obito Uchiha is the devious man behind the mask!

The picture from the TV guide teases readers by mentioning the following for Naruto Shippuden episode 343, which is scheduled to air December 19, 2013: “The masked man has the power to teleport part of his body to another dimension, giving the impression that he’s slipping through objects. In that dimension, Naruto’s Rasengan attacks the masked man, and the masked man’s identity is finally revealed.”

In the manga, Obito is revealed to be Tobi in chapter 599. Preceding it is a bit of Obito’s history, however, it’s unclear if the anime will show that in the same episode or wait for the new year.

It’s estimated the Naruto manga will be about 58-60 chapters ahead of the anime by 2013’s end. Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto has mentioned Naruto’s story (in the manga) is at final phase. Anime Games Online will keep you updated with the status of the manga and anime as we read each chapter and watch each episode of Naruto with nervous anticipation of the end – whenever that may be!

Thanks for the news artondrius!