New Trailer, Original Characters for Naruto Online (Game for China Only)

Posted on November 30, 2013
Tags: Naruto, Videos

A new trailer showing off original characters for the Chinese exclusive browser-based massive multiplayer game, Naruto Online, has been released! Both are Leaf Ninja, with one being a fire-style user and the other being a water-style user.

Naruto Online was first announced in January 2013. It will be a turn based game and is in development by CyberConnect2, Tencent, and More Fun Studio. Although most of the trailer features amazing Storm-like graphics for the first 1:16, the actual visuals are more plain and 2D. This can be seen after the 1:43 mark when the two original characters are shown in action.

The game was originally scheduled to be released this year, however, it has been pushed back to early 2014. Again, Naruto Online is for China only and is played in internet browsers (for example Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome). There is no word if the game will ever be released in Japan, North America, or Europe.

Below is the first trailer for Naruto Online. The in-game graphics are original to the game, but much of the artwork and cutscenes are actually from the Storm series.

Thanks Treyvon Spiva, Jaye Drew Stephen