Naruto Shippuden December 2013 Schedule

Posted on November 21, 2013

Naruto Shippuden December 2013 Schedule

Warning: Major spoilers ahead

It looks like 2013 will end with a bang on Naruto Shippuden! Sasuke/Itachi have defeated Dragon Sage Kabuto and with the reanimation jutsu released, what could be next?! Orochimaru’s shocking return, Kakashi vs Tobi, the history of Obito, and the long awaited reveal of Tobi’s true identity!

Of course that’s just Anime Games Online’s prediction based on the Naruto Shippuden December 2013 Schedule, which we believe will be full of exciting canon action covering manga chapters 593 to 599. It’s also very possible the year will end with part (but not all of) chapter 599, with Naruto smashing a Rasengan in Tobi’s face, in which case we wouldn’t learn of Obito’s history, but we would still see Tobi’s true face. We’ll have to wait and find out how the creators behind the anime treat us as 2013 comes to a close!

  • December 05, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 341 – Revived! Orochimaru
  • December 12, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 342 – Secret of the Space–Time Ninjutsu
  • December 19, 2013
    Naruto Shippuden Episode 343 – Who Are You!!
  • December 26, 2013

The dates above are all actual, but the titles are translations and may change once they are officially released by Viz Media. As for our predictions, they are just that based on our experience reading the great Naruto manga and may not exactly reflect what is in the actual episodes.