Masashi Kishimoto: Naruto’s Story is at Final Phase

Posted on November 24, 2013

Warning: Major manga spoilers ahead!

Naruto fans, we know it’s coming, but our hearts skip a beat every time we hear the series of epic proportions is near it’s end. On the latest episode of Japanese television show Sakiyomi Jan BANG, viewers were met with a message from the creator of the series, Masashi Kishimoto, who wrote Naruto’s story is at the final phase. Specifically he said:

The battle of Naruto and his comrades is in it’s final phase, in the truest sense of the term. About the Ten Tails, about Madara, and then, about Sasuke…I will continue to raise the tension without restraint, in every way I can! Please follow this story of a boy named Naruto a little while longer, I will greatly appreciate it.

How long will this final phase last? We aren’t sure, but it definitely makes us nervous.

The last time we heard from Kishimoto-sensei about the status of the manga was back in July 2012 in which he mentioned Tobi’s true identity was going to be revealed. Literally a month or two after the interview, it was confirmed through Naruto manga chapter 599 that the man behind the mask was Obito Uchiha.

In the same month Kishimoto-sensei had also mentioned the series will run longer than expected, with the climax coming soon. Now approaching December 2013, that climax has been reached and with the release of the seventh Naruto movie in 2014, two years after the release of the sixth (Road to Ninja), it looks like the finish is just up ahead. Naruto’s ending is set in Kishimoto-sensei’s mind, we are just racing headlong to that point.

Anime Games Online will definitely keep you updated on the status of the manga that has entertained us for so many fantastic years!

In case you are interested in the segment of Sakiyomi Jan BANG, take a look at it below. There is a lot of wacky Naruto-themed battles going on amongst the hosts and guests. Kishimoto-sensei’s message comes at the 21 minute mark. Nogizaka 46, the group behind the latest Naruto intro (who served as guests on the show), “Tsuki no Ookisa” are seen performing their song afterwards.