Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Save on Vita, Play on PS3

This past weekend in London, the 2013 MCM Comic Con took place and Namco Bandai Games was on hand to show off Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z! Kunio Hashimoto, producer of the game, announced the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z demo will be making it’s way to Europe in December of this year.

Then, in an interview uploaded by YouTube user SaiyanCloudTV, Hashimoto-san mentions players can play the game on PS Vita, and then carry over their save to the PS3 and resume playing on a bigger screen. While it wasn’t specifically mentioned, we assume players will need to have both PS Vita and PS3 versions of the game.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the latest game in the legendary DBZ series. It will host team-based combat with up to 8 players, including 4 on the same team. The game is confirmed for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan on January 23, 2014, Europe on January 24, 2014, and North America on January 28, 2014.