Naruto Accel 4 (Fan Made Project Teaser)

Posted on August 17, 2013

Before we begin, let us stress that Naruto Accel 4 IS NOT an official game! It’s a fan made project meant to catch the attention of developer CyberConnect2 (CC2) in order to show them some of the Naruto community’s interest in a 2D Ultimate Ninja game for next gen consoles. Here is a teaser for the Naruto Accel 4 fan made project:

What is the purpose of this 2DNINJAS project?Naruto Accel 4
The purpose of the 2DNINJAS project is to give fans of the 2D Ultimate Ninja (also known as Narutimate) series of games a platform to voice their opinion to CyberConnect2 in a positive and constructive way. Simply put, this game is all about promoting 2D while not bashing 3D. Keep the 3D Storm games coming, but also have a 2D Naruto game for the fans that want it! The goal is to send CyberConnect2 detailed sheets of information and artwork for a potential 2D Ultimate Ninja game for next gen consoles and get enough support from the fans to make this fan project a reality!

Naruto Accel 4

How Can I Help?

You can help by doing the following:

    1. Link this article on CC2’s Naruto suggestions website at
    2. Tweet this article with hashtag #2DNinjas to CC2’s Twitter account

Has 2DNINJAS Ever Reached Out to CC2 Before?

Although the results weren’t as positive as they would of hoped, Hiroshi Matsuyama (President and CEO of CC2) did say if 2DNINJAS gets enough support they may consider a new 2D Ultimate Ninja game! Make sure to turn on closed captions (CC) when watching the video.

When Will The Final Product Be Complete?
2DNINJAS hopes to have the final product of the sheets (along with Rockmankb’s video for CC2) completed before New York Comic Con begins in October. Since Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst is coming out October 22nd in America, it’s like Matsuyama-san will be attending Comic Con again this year (and if not they will be mailed over to him).