Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst – Handful of Screenshots

Dragon Sage Mode! Kabuto has been confirmed as downloadable content (DLC) for Naruto Storm 3 in his latest form. He has also been confirmed in the improved re-release of CyberConnect2’s masterpiece – Naruto Storm 3: Full Burst (trailer | screenshots). Check out a handful of additional screenshots below!

In case you are wondering, Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst is a new game by CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games. It builds upon the original Naruto Storm 3 by adding an additional chapter to the game (Sage Kabuto vs Itachi/Sasuke), Sage Kabuto as a playable character, revamped cinematics, 100 new missions, and 38 additional costumes that were originally DLC for Storm 3. It’s unclear if Full Burst will include anything else, but rest assured Anime Games Online will keep you updated with the latest if anything transpires! An official release date has not yet been announced, but Full Burst will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Steam.