Naruto Storm 3: Swimsuit DLC, Hello Kitty Sakura in Action

Namco Bandai Games America and Europe had announced Hello Kitty Sakura DLC two weeks ago, and today, it hit Xbox Marketplace (PSN tomorrow).

Also, released are the Swimsuit DLC. These were availible last week on the Japanese PlayStation Network and will be availible tommorow for North America and Europe. Xbox Martplace, however, has them already and now Anime Games Online’s HystericalGamez has got the footage for you in both English and Japanese!

Swimsuit Sakura vs Swimsuit Tsunade (English)

Swimsuit Sakura vs Swimsuit Ino (Japanese)

Swimsuit Hinata vs Swimsuit Sakura (Japanese)

Swimsuit Hinata vs War Sai (English)

Swimsuit Ino vs Swimsuit Temari (English)

Swimsuit Ino vs Swimsuit Tsunade (Japanese)

Swimsuit Temari vs Chiyo (English)

Swimsuit Temari vs Karin (Japanese)

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