Naruto Storm 3: Kushina Playable in Story Mode, New Screenshots

Earlier today in Japan there was a Naruto Storm 3 event and it brought back some goodies in the form of new screenshots! Some of them feature free battle bouts against the Jinchuriki, but most of them are deal with Storm 3’s story mode! In particular, the segment where Naruto trains to get the power of Tailed Beast Chakra Mode. One of the screenshots from the segment shows Kushina as a playable character in story mode! She’s roaming the Hidden Leaf Village as she carrying Naruto during the prenatal stages.

Just to be clear this doesn’t confirm Kushina as playable in free battle vs mode, but it does confirm her as playable in story mode!

Story mode will be over 50 hours long, with 20 hours being cutscenes and boss battles. Chapter 4 of the game, which is what the some of the screenshots below are from, will be 80 minutes.



Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is Namco Bandai Games and CyberConnect2’s fourth entry in the Storm series. It will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America and South America on March 5, Europe and Australia on March 8, and Japan on April 18, 2013. The story for the game will begin with the Nine Tailed Fox incident from 16 years ago, continue on to the Five Kage Arc, and go up to the Shinobi War, covering the latest episodes of Naruto Shippuden as they air in Japan.