Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 – Pre Order Now!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is less than two months away from it’s triumph March 5th (North America, South America) and March 8th (Europe, Australia) release! Those who pre order or purchase the first run copies of the game will receive a free trading card and downloadable costume for Naruto of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. As you may have seen on Anime Games Online, this costume is equipped with a modified Jutsu, the Rasengan, that looks similar to Goku’s Kamehameha. The Ultimate Jutsu which was in Naruto Generations, Ultimate: Sage Art: Giant Massive Rasengan Mega Barrage, is modified to draw similarities to Goku and Gohan’s Father and Son Kamehameha, but with Naruto and Minato! You can check out a video of it below.

The Goku downloadable costume will come with Europe’s True Despair and Will of Fire Editions as well.

As for those who don’t pre-order or can’t get the first run copies that Namco Bandai ships, it’s unclear how the Goku costume will be obtained. Anime Games Online has four hypotheses 1) Fans will have to purchase it from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live 2) it can be unlocked for free by playing through the game 3) Namco Bandai will offer it for free through some other promotions or 4) Namco Bandai may just continue to include the downloadable costume past first run copies. Again, those are just Anime Games Online’s hypotheses, Namco Bandai may end up doing something else or altogether just not offer the costume anymore. We will have to wait and see. If you want to, however, make sure you get the downloadable Goku costume for Naruto, pre order now!

Residents of the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Israel, the Middle East, Japan, and Asia & Pacific Islands can purchase the North American version of the game through the links below. The PlayStation 3 edition of the game is region free. Your region’s local video game retailer may provide the game at a different price, but for those in the United States, the game has a price tag of $59.99 USD (free shipping and zero tax in 42 of 50 states).

PlayStation 3

Xbox 360